Saturday, August 16, 2014

REDEMPTION: Aurelia's Announcement and Confessions about Book 3.

“Shall we dance, da dum dum dum . . .” Aurelia is dancing around the room and performing acrobatics while singing songs from The King and I.

“Shall you tell them or should I?” asks yours truly.

“Hmm?” She steps onto a footstool and attempts an arabesque.

“Whose fault is it that I haven’t blogged in so long?” I prompt.

“Mine,” she answers.

No ducking the truth today. “And why is that?

She hops over toward the back of a chair and does a chimneysweep move from Mary Poppins. “Because Robert and I needed you to finish writing our trilogy!”

“And has it been easy?”

“Umm, no.” She twirls her way toward another chair. “Not exactly.”

Not at all. “And why is that?

“Because we may have made you take out every sentence in the book just to make certain the ones you put back in were really important.”

“And . . .” I prod.

She points at me. “And because it’s the conclusion of our series and you’ve never written one before.”

True. “And . . .”

The pointing finger begins swishing like a conductor leading an orchestra in song. “And because we wanted to get it right.”

I have to give her credit: she’s being totally honest today. “All right,” I say, “Go ahead and tell them our huge tremendous news.”

Aurelia performs another chimneysweep move, then leaps onto the table and raises her hands skyward. “Angelle Pilkington is editing Redemption, Robert’s and my third and final book!”

“And why is this so incredible?” I say because, of course, she assumes you all know.

“Because she was our editor for the first two books in the series, and despite battles in canyons and washed-out crossings through the mountains and dreadful tragedies we can’t even share, she is going to make sure you do our conclusion justice.”