Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Dance: Salvation Review & Giveaway

Check out what Salva, Beth, and I found online yesterday!

"Osterlund offers a believable and touching relationship between two protagonists readers will come to believe belong together."-Kirkus Reviews

Also, I'm forwarding you all to a new interview and giveaway. Here's the first question:

Tell me FIVE things that you LOVED about writing SALVATION!
-The conflict within Salva.
-His passion.
-Beth’s heart.
-Salva’s older sister’s ability to butt in & make her brother’s life difficult.
-Papá’s desire to make his children’s lives better.

To read the rest of the interview and/or enter the giveaway, follow the link to The Story Siren.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chatting With Karla

Zipping you all over to Reads and Thoughts for the first interview of my blog tour. Promise I'll do my best to make them all a bit different:) Here's a taster:

Hi Anne, how are you today?

My main characters—Salva and Beth—and I thrilled to be on your site for the second stop of our SALVATION Blog Tour! Thank you for having us on such a crazy week!

Are you excited for the release of your new book Salvation?

Salva has been listening to We are the Champions all week. Beth has been tripping over herself with enthusiasm. And, I admit, I’ve actually postponed the chance to watch the first season of Once Upon a Time in order to answer interviews. So, YES, we are totally excited for Salvation’s release on January 10th!

To read the rest, follow the link above. In the meantime I have to go turn Salva's stereo down.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Salvation Blog Tour Schedule

What: SALVATION Blog Tour
Who: Anyone interested in joining my main characters—Salva and Beth—and I for a month of celebrating our new book, Salvation, with giveaways, crazy guest posts, quirky interviews, honest reviews, and sneak peaks!
When: Dec. 24th-Feb. 8th. See the schedule below.
Where: Various websites all across the literary universe. See the schedule below.
Why: To have fun, get to know Salva and Beth, and win free stuff!
Contact: Follow the links on the schedule below.

December 24th—A Reader of Fictions:
Dec. 28th—Reads and Thoughts:
Dec. 31—The Story Siren:
Jan. 1—The Irish Banana Review:
Jan. 2—YA Bibliophile:
Jan. 3—The Authoress:
Jan. 4—YA Bliss:
Jan. 7—Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks:
Jan. 8—Cari’s Book Blog:
Jan. 9—The Compulsive Reader:
Northwest News & Notes:
Jan. 11—Tabitha’s Book Blog:
Jan. 14—Yearning To Read:
Jan. 15—Candace’s Book Blog:
Jan. 17—Katie’s Book Blog:
Jan. 18—Wondrous Reads:
Jan. 21—Falling For YA:
Jan. 22—Good Choice Reading:
Jan. 23—A Good Addiction:
Jan. 24—Tina’s Book Reviews:
Jan. 25—Reading Angel:
Jan. 26—Book Whale Reviews:
Jan. 28—A Life Bound By Books:
Jan. 29—Stalking the Bookshelves:
Jan. 31—The Paperback Princesses:
Jan. 31—One Week SALVATION Sneak Peak Tour!
Pure Imagination: Sneak Peak 1
Feb. 2—Always YA at Heart: Sneak Peak 2:
Feb. 3—Books with Bite: Sneak Peak 3:

Feb. 4—Live to Read: Sneak Peak 4:
Feb. 5—The Bookish Babe: Sneak Peak 5:
Feb. 6—TBA: Sneak Peak 6
Feb. 7—TBA: Sneak Peak 7
Feb. 8—I am a Reader Not a Writer: Sneak Peak 8:

Monday, December 24, 2012

SALVATION Blog Tour: An Epic Launch

In honor of our upcoming release, Salva, Beth, and I are thrilled to invite you all on our SALVATION Blog Tour! (OK, we're also terrified, but we're feigning bravery). We have an incredible number of tour stops lined up with fabulous hosts. Come join us for giveaways, crazy guest posts, quirky interviews, honest reviews, and sneak peaks! Our entire tour plan is set to be posted on the event page of my website. And our first stop begins with . . .

The Hazards of a Tea Party

The invitation arrives via e-mail. I laugh as I read, then make the announcement.
“So everyone,” I tell my characters, even though I know they’ve been spying and are already aware. “In honor of Salva and Beth’s upcoming release of their brand new book, Salvation, Christina has invited us all to a tea party at A Reader of Fictions.”
Instant bedlam. The girls are all digging through their closets.
Dane, from my earlier book, Academy 7, says flat-out that he doesn’t do tea parties. “What”—he says—“does a contemporary novel in which everyone’s life is a mess have to do with a tea party?”
         I point out that Salvation isn’t his story so the choice of accepting the invitation isn’t up to him. “Salva?” I question the real hero.
         “Will there be food?” Salva asks, spinning a football.
         “Touchdown.” He tosses the ball straight for the bucket at the edge of the porch, then gives Robert, from Aurelia and Exile, a high five. They are both on board.
By now the girls have all congregated in Aurelia’s closet. (Aerin’s is empty, and Beth’s is a disaster). Twenty minutes later, we—minus Dane—arrive at A Reader of Fictions.

To read the rest of our adventure (and sign up for a free ARC of the book!) check out Christina's blog at A Reader of Fictions.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Redemption: Aurelia Book Three

I’ve spent this year dealing with an angst-ridden former crown princess. No surprise guessing which one. Along with preparations for Salvation (which comes out in stores January 10th!) my current major writing project is Redemption, AKA Aurelia and Robert’s third and final novel.

Aurelia, of course, is in a hurry.
-To get home.
-To share her story with all of you.
-To engage in . . . certain activities a crown princess is generally not permitted to engage in.

I’ve told her there’s no problem with her wanting things. The reality, though, is that we crash up against obstacles. In Aurelia’s life, this means betrayal, the limitations of society, and emotional trauma. In writing, it means rejection, lack of control, and characters that yell at you that their lives cannot be held hostage to practicalities.

I don’t have a contract for Redemption. However, Aurelia and Robert’s story, in my head, has always been a trilogy. It is a trilogy. And it will be a trilogy.

I’ve promised her. And Robert, of course (though he doesn’t yell).

Redemption is currently two chapters away from a polished second draft, and I will finish it.

Once the manuscript is finished, I will tackle the challenge of finding a way to publish it. And I’m certain that will require a whole new learning curve—filled with its own obstacles. And miracles. Because that is what makes a story. I hope Robert’s and Aurelia’s fans will all be more patient than she is during that process.

Though, of course, if it weren’t for her impatience, neither Aurelia nor Exile nor any of my other novels would have been published. And I would never be able to make you this promise: that I will do everything in my power to share Redemption.

There is definitely an advantage to having a strong-willed, former crown princess in your head.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quirky Author Thoughts: Introducing . . . SALVATION

I first met Salva and Beth in the middle of a collision. Papers, pencils, the contents of Beth’s backpack, and point of view everywhere!

Yet neither of them bothered to introduce themselves. Oh, no; they were both far too busy telling me about each other. According to her, he was one of those “patronizing—and annoyingorganized people.” And according to him, she was “the walking disaster area.”

There was plenty of evidence to support both claims. Though I got no names out of that collision, and I had no idea there was a book coming.

I didn’t find that out until Pepe shoved Salva into the prologue. Pepe is Salva’s best friend, and he’s pretty certain he knows what Salva needs: by this I mean who Salva should date, what sport he should play, what he should do with his life, where he should go to college, and when Salva should be brave enough to introduce himself to an author—aka yours truly—and demand that author write his story.

In this case, Pepe was right: Salva has a heck of a story.

If I wanted to be cheesy, I could pitch it as “Perfect Chemistry meets Romeo & Juliet;” but then you’d assume you know the end. And you don’t.

Because you can’t. Until you know Salva & Beth.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Salvation, Exile, and Judgmental Cats

Check out my new website updates at! Highlights include info about my new book, Salvation—complete with an awesome photo on the What’s Next page; as well as a brand new awards page; and reviews for Exile! Plus, don’t miss the row of cat judges on the new “reviews” link. Are my web designers incredible or what?