Saturday, December 29, 2012

Chatting With Karla

Zipping you all over to Reads and Thoughts for the first interview of my blog tour. Promise I'll do my best to make them all a bit different:) Here's a taster:

Hi Anne, how are you today?

My main characters—Salva and Beth—and I thrilled to be on your site for the second stop of our SALVATION Blog Tour! Thank you for having us on such a crazy week!

Are you excited for the release of your new book Salvation?

Salva has been listening to We are the Champions all week. Beth has been tripping over herself with enthusiasm. And, I admit, I’ve actually postponed the chance to watch the first season of Once Upon a Time in order to answer interviews. So, YES, we are totally excited for Salvation’s release on January 10th!

To read the rest, follow the link above. In the meantime I have to go turn Salva's stereo down.

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