Monday, December 24, 2012

SALVATION Blog Tour: An Epic Launch

In honor of our upcoming release, Salva, Beth, and I are thrilled to invite you all on our SALVATION Blog Tour! (OK, we're also terrified, but we're feigning bravery). We have an incredible number of tour stops lined up with fabulous hosts. Come join us for giveaways, crazy guest posts, quirky interviews, honest reviews, and sneak peaks! Our entire tour plan is set to be posted on the event page of my website. And our first stop begins with . . .

The Hazards of a Tea Party

The invitation arrives via e-mail. I laugh as I read, then make the announcement.
“So everyone,” I tell my characters, even though I know they’ve been spying and are already aware. “In honor of Salva and Beth’s upcoming release of their brand new book, Salvation, Christina has invited us all to a tea party at A Reader of Fictions.”
Instant bedlam. The girls are all digging through their closets.
Dane, from my earlier book, Academy 7, says flat-out that he doesn’t do tea parties. “What”—he says—“does a contemporary novel in which everyone’s life is a mess have to do with a tea party?”
         I point out that Salvation isn’t his story so the choice of accepting the invitation isn’t up to him. “Salva?” I question the real hero.
         “Will there be food?” Salva asks, spinning a football.
         “Touchdown.” He tosses the ball straight for the bucket at the edge of the porch, then gives Robert, from Aurelia and Exile, a high five. They are both on board.
By now the girls have all congregated in Aurelia’s closet. (Aerin’s is empty, and Beth’s is a disaster). Twenty minutes later, we—minus Dane—arrive at A Reader of Fictions.

To read the rest of our adventure (and sign up for a free ARC of the book!) check out Christina's blog at A Reader of Fictions.

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