Sunday, December 23, 2012

Redemption: Aurelia Book Three

I’ve spent this year dealing with an angst-ridden former crown princess. No surprise guessing which one. Along with preparations for Salvation (which comes out in stores January 10th!) my current major writing project is Redemption, AKA Aurelia and Robert’s third and final novel.

Aurelia, of course, is in a hurry.
-To get home.
-To share her story with all of you.
-To engage in . . . certain activities a crown princess is generally not permitted to engage in.

I’ve told her there’s no problem with her wanting things. The reality, though, is that we crash up against obstacles. In Aurelia’s life, this means betrayal, the limitations of society, and emotional trauma. In writing, it means rejection, lack of control, and characters that yell at you that their lives cannot be held hostage to practicalities.

I don’t have a contract for Redemption. However, Aurelia and Robert’s story, in my head, has always been a trilogy. It is a trilogy. And it will be a trilogy.

I’ve promised her. And Robert, of course (though he doesn’t yell).

Redemption is currently two chapters away from a polished second draft, and I will finish it.

Once the manuscript is finished, I will tackle the challenge of finding a way to publish it. And I’m certain that will require a whole new learning curve—filled with its own obstacles. And miracles. Because that is what makes a story. I hope Robert’s and Aurelia’s fans will all be more patient than she is during that process.

Though, of course, if it weren’t for her impatience, neither Aurelia nor Exile nor any of my other novels would have been published. And I would never be able to make you this promise: that I will do everything in my power to share Redemption.

There is definitely an advantage to having a strong-willed, former crown princess in your head.


  1. I can't wait to see what happens with Aurelia and Robert, but I will try my best to be more patient than she is for the ending!

  2. Thank you for the reminder about Salvation; I was pondering what books to get with the gift cards I'm sure to receive and I know that it's an auto-buy for me.

  3. I'm echoing the thanks for the reminder about Salvation. I knew there was a book I was dying to buy.

    And as for Redemption, I will try to be patient and will for sure buy that one the second it is released. Best of luck with the publication process.

  4. Hi Ang, Bookworm, and Danica,

    Aurelia, Robert, Salva, and Beth appreciate the support!

    (who is off to post a link to the launch of her SALVATION Blog Tour)

  5. Really excited for Redemption! I'll try and have more of a Robert patience than a regular Aurelia patience.

  6. Hi Lish,

    Smile. In general, I find that is good advice.

    (who is off to draft her upcoming interview for The Authoress)

  7. Oh my gosh! Ok, so I can't say I've been exactly...patient...these last two years. But I promise, I haven't yelled. ;) But seriously - I couldn't be more excited!!! :D This is going to be utterly fantastic!! :D

  8. OMG!!!! i cant wait!!!!! ive been dieing to know what happens!!!

  9. So glad to know you're working on a third book. Exile left me with soooo many questions. I desperately hope you're able to get the book published.

  10. It's been a whole year since this was posted, is anything new happening? When will Redemption be published??

  11. Definitely need an update on Redemption. You must be busy with Salvation. But I need to know.