Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Salvation Blog Tour Schedule

What: SALVATION Blog Tour
Who: Anyone interested in joining my main characters—Salva and Beth—and I for a month of celebrating our new book, Salvation, with giveaways, crazy guest posts, quirky interviews, honest reviews, and sneak peaks!
When: Dec. 24th-Feb. 8th. See the schedule below.
Where: Various websites all across the literary universe. See the schedule below.
Why: To have fun, get to know Salva and Beth, and win free stuff!
Contact: Follow the links on the schedule below.

December 24th—A Reader of Fictions:
Dec. 28th—Reads and Thoughts:
Dec. 31—The Story Siren:
Jan. 1—The Irish Banana Review:
Jan. 2—YA Bibliophile:
Jan. 3—The Authoress:
Jan. 4—YA Bliss:
Jan. 7—Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks:
Jan. 8—Cari’s Book Blog:
Jan. 9—The Compulsive Reader:
Northwest News & Notes:
Jan. 11—Tabitha’s Book Blog:
Jan. 14—Yearning To Read:
Jan. 15—Candace’s Book Blog:
Jan. 17—Katie’s Book Blog:
Jan. 18—Wondrous Reads:
Jan. 21—Falling For YA:
Jan. 22—Good Choice Reading:
Jan. 23—A Good Addiction:
Jan. 24—Tina’s Book Reviews:
Jan. 25—Reading Angel:
Jan. 26—Book Whale Reviews:
Jan. 28—A Life Bound By Books:
Jan. 29—Stalking the Bookshelves:
Jan. 31—The Paperback Princesses:
Jan. 31—One Week SALVATION Sneak Peak Tour!
Pure Imagination: Sneak Peak 1
Feb. 2—Always YA at Heart: Sneak Peak 2:
Feb. 3—Books with Bite: Sneak Peak 3:

Feb. 4—Live to Read: Sneak Peak 4:
Feb. 5—The Bookish Babe: Sneak Peak 5:
Feb. 6—TBA: Sneak Peak 6
Feb. 7—TBA: Sneak Peak 7
Feb. 8—I am a Reader Not a Writer: Sneak Peak 8:

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