Saturday, September 18, 2010

Top 10 Reasons an Author Should Have a Cat

10. When the author is in the middle of a writing epiphany, she can be meowed at as a reminder of the far more significant necessity of providing dinner.

9. When the author is tormented by a particularly complex writing problem, said cat can fail to come home on time, therefore making her human very nervous and unable to resolve any writing problems whatsoever.

8. When the author is trying to avoid extra distractions, she can be compelled to defurr the keyboard.

7. When the author is finally about to complete a draft at 3:00 a.m., said cat can sit directly in front of the computer screen, making the completion of the draft impossible.

6. When the author is trying to meet a scary deadline, she can have a paw with thinly veiled claws tap her on the head repeatedly and inform her that she is taking her work too seriously.

5. When the author must read the same page aloud forty times before it is perfect, said cat can sit tolerantly beside her without griping.

4. When the author has an epiphany in the middle of the night, turns on the light bulb, and begins scribbling, said cat can provide support by yawning, closing her eyes, and continuing to sleep.

3. When the author is forced to write a long cold scene set in the midst of space, said cat can curl up on her feet as a perfect foot-warmer.

2. When the author’s noisy, opinionated, and stubborn main characters refuse to speak to her, said cat remains close and reminds her that she is never alone.

1. When the author finds out spectacular writing news, said cat allows her human to scoop her up and celebrate!


  1. Love spectacular writing news and cats too :)

  2. my cat can actually type out whole "scenes" for me, too. they unfortunately include a lot of CAPS LOCK and occasional ctrl-alt-del combinations. ;) i bet yours is similarly talented.

  3. Of course, but this is why Windows Vista has the multiple "undo" button! I adore this feature! As an author this has saved me SO much time from retyping.