Saturday, January 1, 2011


My To-Do List for Christmas Break:

1. Revise Salvation

2. Plan for 2 School Visits

3. Answer 300 e-mails

4. Make math vocab cards

5. Plan Shakespeare Unit

6. Update Oregon Teaching License

7. Revise book proposal

8. Write up to three chapters for book proposal

9. Outline two books which are not sequels for possible other book proposals

10. E-mail agent & find out what the heck I need for those book proposals

11. Write said book proposals

12. Grade algebra tests

13. Blog

14. Make 2 weeks worth of lesson plans

15. Re-plan math units for rest of the school year

16. Watch the new Narnia movie

17. Celebrate Christmas with family

18. Make first 2 weeks worth of assignments for Shakespeare unit

19. Keep house from becoming a disaster area

20. Walk

21. E-mail Emily Whitman & tell her how awesome Radiant Darkness was.

22. E-mail Fishtrap & resend inquiry letter I sent last summer.

23. Pester former 4-6th grade student about the chapters she’s supposed to be sending me for her senior project.

24. Revise & provide feedback on said chapters.

25. Make list of possible people to send ARCS of Exile.

26. Complete four online interviews.

27. Read the entire Maximum Ride series

Time Left: 24 hours.

Progress: Dismal.

Conclusion: It’s hopeless. Will be staying after school until midnight on Monday.

Plan for tomorrow: Spending it all with Robert and Aurelia because I WANT to!

1 comment:

  1. It's great to see someone else has abandoned their christmas to do list too!
    Although yours is gigantic!