Saturday, March 26, 2011

Exile Countdown & Giveaway!

Exile Countdown: 33 Days

Aurelia: It’s time! It’s time!

Me: Time for what?

Aurelia: To start counting down the days before Exile’s release.

Me: Why do we need to have an Exile Countdown?

I receive a look of disdain. Which, truthfully, I deserve.

Aurelia: Because you sent out lots of ARCs to wonderful bloggers who are taking the time to read my story & review it.

Me: True.

Aurelia: And your readers need a location to find links to all those reviews.

I think to myself that Aurelia will not be very happy if I post links to negative reviews. But of course, we don’t talk about those.

Aurelia: That location is here!

Me: OK.

Aurelia: And because you’ve been spending hours writing creative interview answers and quirky guest blogs which those bloggers will also be posting.

Me: True. (Admittedly not at my peak writing time).

Aurelia: And you need a location to post the links to those as well. That location is here!

Me: Yes, that sounds good. (Inspiration strikes). And because I have two—count them two—extra ARCs (advanced copies) of Exile to be given away the week before Exile’s release.

Aurelia: And that location is. . .

Me: Here!

Exile Reviews: Check out the following sites for reviews of Robert & Aurelia’s second story. (To be updated repeatedly)

--The Authoress

--YA Book Nerd

Exile Guest Posts & Interviews: Check out the following sites for witty guest blogs & interviews by yours truly—and sometimes Aurelia. (To be updated repeatedly)

--YA Book Nerd Interview

EXILE Giveaway Contest Rules:

Simple: Answer one of the following questions and post your comment below, or send me an e-mail with the answer at

Giveaway Contest Question:

Option 1: If a very strong female character started talking to you, what would her particular strength be?

Option 2: Name your cat. And tell me his or her special talent.

Aurelia: Are you going to give them an example for the first question?

Me: For example, would your female character be particularly good at giving orders?

Aurelia: Very funny. Don’t you think it’s possible she might have many strengths?

Me: Like sarcasm?

Aurelia: Yes.

Me: And wit?

Aurelia: Yes.

Me: And intelligence?

Aurelia: Yes.

Me: And a particularly awesome ability to ride a horse.

Aurelia: No. I haven’t been talking to any authors other than you.

OK readers, we need your answers!


  1. If I had a cat, his name would be Guster, and his special talent is he would be a sympathy crier. Ok, that's probably only funny if you watch Psych. :)

    Yay for Exile countown! Yay for giveaways! Yay for ARCs!

    Congrats. I'm very excited for you (if you couldn't tell).

  2. If I met a very strong female character, I think her strength would have to be. . . Humor. I love humor!

  3. My cat is named Cricket. She has somehow discovered the secret to eternal youth and seems to be determined to remain a kitten.

    I have several female heroines that talk to me, and a trait that most of them seem to have is an unwillingness to give up.

    Thank you for the giveaway! I am very excited about Exile. :) Where can I sign up for an ARC?

  4. My cat is Lucy, and her very special talent is finding different ways every week to hide my scissors - I kid you not. Bright shiny things are a beacon to her and she steals them and hides them - my scissors being the favourite. She should be called Magpie.

    Really looking forward to reading Exile.

  5. If a very strong female character started talking to me, her particular strength would be bravery. She is smart and can think up plans really quickly. But she is not too serious because that would be boring.

    I'm very excited to read Exile!
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    P.S: is this giveaway international?
    Thanks anyway!

  6. My cat's name is Aragorn and he has a special talent for squeezing himself into boxes that might have been appropriately sized for a kitty but aren't quite right for him anymore. He has also made my dad, an avowed dog-lover who is also kind of allergic to cats, fall totally in love with him; obviously the rest of the family is under Aragorn's spell too.

  7. I *do* have a strong female character who talks to me all the time! Seriously, could she give me a break once in a while?! Her name is Brett (actually its Bernadette, but she'd be furious if I introduced her like that) and her greatest strength is her courage to stand up for what she believes in no matter the cost, she has a very strong sense of right and wrong.

    Sooo exited for you and Aurelia! I can't wait for exiled!

    Congratulations :)

  8. Hi everyone! Madiha, yes, it can be an international giveaway. And Lieder, all you needed to do was comment right year. As you did.

    32 days!

  9. I don't have a cat but I do have a dog named Kaysley. She weighs 90 lbs but she is still the best cuddler ever!
    Congrats on your new release!
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  10. I had a cat, her name was Ariel and her special talent was that she was the only cat I knew that couldn't meow, instead of a Meow, she made a Beow sound!! And when my 1 1/2 yr old daughter was learning to talk, you could ask her what sound a cat made and she would say "Beow".
    I am so excited for your new book Anne!! I love the other too and can't wait to read Exile!


  11. My cat is named Nosey. His special talent is thinking and acting very much like a dog. As soon as you come home Nosey runs up to you and flails on the ground in front of you until you rub his belly. He is a huge cuddler and people-loving-cat. Best cat ever. :)

    I can't wait to read Exile!


  12. My strong female character's strength would be humor - being able to see the ridiculous around her, being able to laugh at herself and when things were horrible, managing to maintain that humor.

  13. My character's strength would be humor 9as many people have said!). She's got to be funny and not boring and have an open view of life.

  14. My female character's biggest strength would be the ability to face criticism boldly without alienating those that criticized her, allowing her to let them think they'd gotten the better of her, but without actually fazing her in the least....
    @Deborah - OMG. Love the Psych reference!!! But, where's the pineapple??

  15. Can't wait! Option 1 (since I'm really allergic to cats...) I think a female character shouldn't be afraid to do what she wants/ do the right thing.

  16. Smile. Aurelia is liking these strong attributes!

    (who choreographed a swordfight today)

  17. I have a cat named Greysie and her particular talent is teasing and then attacking my two border collies. She will walk in front of them and meow and them being herding dogs will follow her every move. Then she will take off which they will follow...and she will hide and wait for them to come by and jump out and attack and bite them. She's such a little turd...but they keep falling for it, so who can you blame? lol She isnt scared of them in the least and has never is a weird dog/cat dynamic going on in my house!


  18. If a strong female character was talking to me, her strength would be intelligence, not like she could speak several languages and know all the ins and outs of astrophysics or anything, but an intelligence in all situations she is found in. If I had a cat, I would name it Angus.

  19. My cat is named Tree. My daughter named her when she was writing a book about elemental cats. She was 11 at the time. She named her after her cat who was an earth elemental. Tree is also autumn colored. Her special talent is to hide from my two sons. She is also climbs chain link fences well.

  20. My cat would be name Pouncer (as in Pouncer, Pouncer the Wonder Cat!) Of course she would be a good pouncer, but that's not really a special talent - most cats can pounce. Her extra special talent would be her ability to detect when people are being deceitful and of course warn me.

  21. My cat's name is Sully, and he eats everything in sight, clothes, toys, food, it doesn't matter. He's also the world's best snuggler. A strong female character for me would need self-confidence in her female identity and determination. Can't wait to read Exile!

  22. My cat's name is Raven, and his special talent is a delusion that he really is a dog. It comes complete with slipper carrying and a very uncat-like devotion to his owners.

    I just found out about Exile from you on Goodreads, and I had to check this contest out!

    P.S. I'm molly who you just added as a friend on goodreads.

  23. Until a few years ago I had the best, grumpiest cat in the world (named Tiger, which I mistakenly believed to be a clever moniker for an orange tabby - I was 6 at the time). He passed away though, and I'm still not sure that I'm ready for another cat.

    So that leaves attributes of a heroine. I am afraid that I have little new to offer, because my true answer would be someone sarcastic, funny, and incredibly intelligent. Why? Because these are the qualities that comprise all of my favorite heroines, going all the way back to Elizabeth Bennet.

    Of course, she should also be able to protect herself, either through wits or awesome skills (whether she can wield a sword, a bow, magical powers, rapier wit). She isn't the kind of girl who always needs to be rescued. Sure, attractive gentleman will sometimes save her rump, but there will be other times where she needs to rescue the men in distress.

    (P.S. I know it wouldn't let you edit this post. Well, it wouldn't let me post a comment. I posted this last week, except it didn't let me. Hopefully, this will work!)

  24. The strong female character that speaks to me IS my cat. Well not really, obviously, but you can usually tell what she's thinking about me and it's not always good. To me a strong person - male or female - knows their own mind and is happy in their own skin. There is nothing worse than the way women's magazines are constantly harping on what's wrong with us (Inside: How to have better hair, better buns, better clothes etc., etc.). I like to think a strong woman would like herself the way she is.

    And just for the heck of it, my cat's name is Fly and her special talent is terrorizing my Jack Russell.
    Karen Keyte

  25. If a strong female character was talking to me, her strength would be her tenacity - her determination and strong will to fight for what she wants and what she knows is right. However, in conjunction to that, I think she'd be really "kick-ass" if she also was willing to learn from her mistakes and admit when she's wrong. Someone who just keeps fighting for what they want or what they think is right and yet never admits to their shortcomings isn't really someone I'd look up to. She'd have to be willing to grow as a person. ;) -- Ruthie

  26. I have an adorable Himalayan Tortie Point cat named Cami. Her unique talent is that she's part dog: Whenever I whistled for her, she comes bounding to wherever I am. :)

    Can't wait for EXILE! :)

  27. If I met a strong female character, I'd have to say among her most powerful attributes would be wit of course, and the ability to twist words any way she wanted. And of course some kick-ass moves couldn't hurt. Sometimes brute force isn't everything, so it's good to word-turning powers, but when words don't do the trick, its good to have a few kung fu tricks up your sleeve.

    I can't wait for Exile and thanks for the great giveaway :)


  28. According to me, the strong female character would have to have qualities of cynicism, satire and deadpan humor. Of course a weapon-wielding heroine also would be much appreciated. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  30. Option One: She would stand up for herself and others, no matter what, not caring what anyone thought of her. She would be totally at ease with her strengths and weaknesses, and would see the best in others. Oh, and she'd be ace with a bow and arrow.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Meg (

  31. Hmmm ... strong female character ... talking to me ... I would say bold without being harsh. Confident without being conceited. With just enough humor to keep situations light and yet enough knowledge to be able to make tough decisions.