Monday, August 15, 2011


I have another new kitty! His named Simba. He is a small orange kitten with long fur. Here is what I have learned about him so far.

1. He is very smart. He mastered the use of the litter box, drinking milk from a bowl, drinking water, and eating dry food all in his first week of living in a house. (Prior to this he had been quartered in the rafters of a shop and the inner hidey holes within a combine).
2. He has sharp teeth. He gnawed off three rubber bottle nipples in three minutes prior to mastering the skills above.
3. He is a fantastic climber, believes in heading for high ground, and likes to scale the back of the couch.
4. He loves to play.
5. And play.
6. And play.
7. He snuggles!
8. He hates being locked in the cat carrier.
9. When hiding, he heads directly for the deepest darkest corner of the room. Which in a kitchen, means the back of an open cupboard.
10. He is totally unafraid of my other cat, Charlotte, which FYI is more than I can say for my parents’ kitty, Billy, or the one-eyed tomcat she pestered—i.e. yowled at—for two hours the other day in the jungle next door.

Hope your kitties are all doing well!


  1. I have a puppy, and I miss her (she's home, and I'm at uni).
    Simba sounds so cute!

  2. Hi Ella,
    Oh! I missed my cat and dog so much while I was in college. My first two house kitties came to live with me the summer immediately after I graduated:)

  3. Simba sounds so cute! How old is he?
    A few days I got back from vacation to find my bed (again) covered in a blanket of cat fur. And they keep coming in in the middle of the night to walk all over me so I'll wake up and play with them. But if I pretend I'm sleeping (It IS 3 am), I get to see them calm down and sleep curled up next to me. How on earth was I on vacation for almost 2 weeks w/o them?

  4. What? I just tried to post a comment and it didn't work. Foo. Anyway, your baby sounds cute! Enjoy your new furry little guy. :)

  5. He sounds really cute!
    My cat also hates the cat carrier...everytime her annual vet check-up rolls around she puts up a hell of a fight. But only after her plans to hide under a bed is foiled, of course.
    And then she gives everyone the cold shoulder for a couple of days.