Monday, August 5, 2019

New Inspiration: The Willamette Writers' Conference

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the 2019 Willamette Writers Conference this past Friday! I love to recommend this conference to the following: new writers hoping to learn how to write and submit to publishers, experienced writers looking to challenge themselves with new ideas and/or tackle new dilemmas, and even writers interested in film.

My favorite takeaways from this year’s conference:

-The chance to talk about my newest manuscript with a plethora of industry experts. They may all disagree! But it’s great to meet agents one-on-one, have them read what I write, and gain a taste for their editing style. It’s up to me to sort through the advice and find the golden nuggets that can help make my manuscript shine at its best.

-Willamette Writers now offers full-day Master Classes on Thursday. I am already plotting to take one next year & pass it off as one of my mandatory 3 credit Create Your Own Courses via The Heritage Institute. (As a freelance teacher with certificates in two different states, I need three credits a year and love to combine inspirational writing coursework with that requirement).

-Classes on writing from amazing authors. I could only attend one day out of four this year so had to prioritize. Kate Elliot’s course comparing breaking stereotypes to pealing an onion absolutely delivered and got the wheels in my brain turning.

-Amazing and inspirational keynote speeches. Reema Zaman and Kim Johnson were both fantastic.

-And, as always, I loved meeting people who are passionate about sharing their ideas via the written word.

If you love to write, I highly recommend checking out this conference. And if you live in the area, check out the Willamette Writers organization as well. Who knows? One day I might see you there!

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