Sunday, October 24, 2010

On the Graveyard of Good Ideas

This week I had a Whitworth Spotlight article posted online about winning the Spirit of Oregon Award for Academy 7. Awesome, really, but I thought you’d probably rather hear Aerin and Dane's reaction to the award than mine. So I took the idea to Aerin and Dane. And, well, sometimes good ideas don’t work out. This was how the conversation went.

Aerin: He says, “No.”

Me: Really, why not?

(Aurelia enters.)
Aurelia: Haven’t you noticed? He never pulls his weight around here!

Me: Aurelia, this was a conversation between Aerin and me.

Aurelia: You’re both going to let him get away with this, aren’t you?

Me: Aurelia, this is NOT your book.

Aurelia: Fine! (She exits.)

Aerin: They’re too much alike.

Me: I’ve noticed.

Aerin: Anyway, he says he doesn’t do interviews.

Me: But it’s not really press.

Aerin: He says if Aurelia wants to run this blog, that’s fine with him, but we’ll have to do it without him.

Me: And what did you say to that?

Aerin: I said I wasn’t talking in public all by myself.

Me: You’re saying no interview.

She shakes her head.

Me: But don’t you think people would rather hear from you than me?

Aerin: I think they’d rather hear from him.

Me: And he thinks . . . ?

Aerin: He says . . .

Dane: No!

So, I guess I’ll just have to send you all over to the Whitworth Spotlight article instead.


  1. Please tell Dane that we, his long-time admirers, would be more than happy to hear from him...and are willing to sic Aurelia on him if he doesn't comply. Though maybe the universe might explode from two such strong-willed characters interacting. So maybe not.

  2. You don't want to know what Dane has to say about that (complying is not his forte, and well, threats tend to seriously backfire--I highly recommend against them with regards to Dane).

  3. Drat. Is there ANY way we might here from Dane in a way that is not press-related? Or Aerin? I'm deeply interested in hearing what they have to say.

  4. Aerin is in a few of my blog posts from August: The Emergence of a Villain and Beware the Trama!