Monday, November 1, 2010


Me: Umm . . . Aurelia?

Aurelia: Yes?

Me: It was report card weekend.

Aurelia: I know. It's OK.

Me: It is?

Aurelia: Yes, because your technical web designer, Dawn (aka DMS Graphics), has been working hard to update your website,, with a brand new "Fun Fluff" page, new reviews for Academy 7, a new Publishing & Submissions Tips page via your Writing Friends and Resources page, and an updated faq page.

Me: Dawn is awesome!

Aurelia: Yes, she is. As is Maria, your artistic webdesigner.

Me: Maria, is awesome times two.

Aurelia: I particularly like the picture she chose to go next to the question about writers' block on the new faq page.

Me: That was my idea!

Aurelia: So . . . I will forgive you for your failure to blog. This weekend.

Me: Thank you.

Aurelia: But I will not be hearing next Monday about how this was "Conference Weekend." Right?

Me: Umm . . . right.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Aurelia is bossy, isn't she? Comes with being a crown princess. (Nothing you don't already know, of course.)
    BTW, the trailer on YouTube for Aurelia is really creepy/cool and the organ music as the backdrop only increases the creepy/coolness factor. Kudos to whoever created it and put it up!