Saturday, August 14, 2010


Guess what? Aerin, Dane, and I just learned that Academy 7, won the Oregon Spirit Book Award. Selected by the Oregon Council of Teachers of English.

We are thrilled! Our very first award!

All my characters are excited.


(who also miraculously finished her second draft of chapter 21 today despite the "sewing moment" yesterday. It's amazing how much faster a chapter goes when it's down to six pages. Beth and I are both relieved to have this one out of the way--for now, of course).

P.S. And guess when the awards ceremony is going to be held? Yep. The same weekend as Wordstock and my writing workshop at Powell's. Not to mention the Sirens: Women in Fantasy Literature Conference (you will not believe who is going to be there this year--how I wish I could go), The SCBWI-Oregon Fall Retreat, and yet another Oregon Book Awards ceremony. Yikes!

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