Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Conversation with Aurelia (and Robert)

Me: We need to talk.

Aurelia: You know I’m always willing to talk.

Me: School starts tomorrow.

Aurelia: No it doesn’t. It doesn’t start for two more weeks.

Me: The kids don’t start until then. Teachers start earlier.

Aurelia: Teachers don’t start until Monday a week from now.

Me: Officially. But you know what teachers do that week? Attend meetings. District meetings. Staff meetings. Family meetings. There is no way I can be adequately prepared for school if I wait until next week. So this means I will not be able to blog as—

Aurelia: You certainly will!

Me: No, really, I—

Aurelia: My story is far more important than meetings!

Me: Yes, of course, but I—

Aurelia: Robert!

Me: Would you just—

Aurelia: (to Robert) Did you hear what she just said? She’s going to claim she can’t blog anymore.

Me: That’s not what I—

Aurelia: Yes, it is, that’s what you—

Robert: Aurelia.

Aurelia: What?

Robert: Let’s listen.

Aurelia: (sigh) Fine.

Me: I was going to say that I’m not going to be able to blog as often as I have been doing.

Aurelia: Oh.

Me: Seeing as I will be busy teaching lots of children important things like how to value great stories.

Aurelia: That seems fair.

Me: But I promise to blog at least once a week.

Aurelia: ONCE a week?! You have three day weekends!

Me: The children have three day weekends. I often have only—

Aurelia: And then you have two day weekends.

Me: Yes, but the priority on those weekends must be helping Salva and Beth finish their story.

Aurelia: (sigh) Yes, of course, but once a week. Robert, do you think once a week is adequate considering everything we went through on that expedition?!

Robert: I think Aurelia has a point.

Me: I said at least once a week. Of course I’ll try to do better. And if any of you have something pressing to say, you know I won’t have any choice but to listen.

Aurelia: True.

Me: So . . . we’re OK then?

Robert: Are we going to get some of those chocolate chip cookies you made in preparation for those family meetings?

Me: Of course.

Robert: Well, then it sounds fair to me.

Me: Aurelia?

Aurelia: You’re going to try to do better than once a week?

Me: Yes.

Aurelia: And you pledge to write at least once a week.

Me: I will not break that promise without discussing it with you first.

Aurelia: That sounds like hedging.

Me: It’s being honest. You value honesty.

Aurelia: (sigh) Very well. But Robert and I want to go to the awards ceremony to cheer on Aerin and Dane.

Me: Absolutely.

Aurelia: OK then. Moving on . . .


  1. Ah, characters. They try to rule our lives ever so much. :P

    I wish you luck with juggling the teaching schedule AND the writing schedule. It sounds like a handful, that's for certain!

  2. Aw, that is so sweet of Aurelia and Robert to cheer on Dane and Aerin:)

    Good luck with teaching this year! I certainly hope you'll be able to post weekly, as each post has been very insightful into your writing process and your characters. Best wishes!

  3. Absolutely lovely. :) THIS is why I love your books so much. Your characters are alive and vibrant! My characters get like this too. I should write it down sometime.

    Excellent post. Good luck with school! :)