Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There comes a time.
In the life of every human being who crosses my path.
When they must learn about my cats.

For many of you, this is that time.

Roll call, please.

Dance: AKA Her Royal Highness is the toughest cat on the block. There are those who have misinterpreted her gorgeous appearance and beautiful white coat as signs of innocence. These are the same people whose own special kitties are terrified of her. Dance has a penchant for cornering tomcats under the house, knocking over garbage cans when no one is looking, and waking up her human in the middle of the night. She is magnificent.

Billy is the gray kitty who lives at Mom and Dad’s and professes their house as his territory. He enjoys pestering Dance, romping all night when she comes to visit, and terrorizing mice by trapping them in his own personal gladiator arena: the bathtub.

Cinder is the king of the outside. He has survived various brushes with danger and never crosses an open space without looking both ways. His hideouts included the rafters of the shop, the cab of the wheat truck, and occasionally the very risky chicken house. Cinder has never met a screen window he could not break.

Courage, Brave, Milkshake, Soda, Rise, and the as yet unnamed gray kitties in the barn spend their days zipping under floorboards, scaling walls, and romping on thin wooden rafters high above the reach of even the most determined cat person.

AKA yours truly.

What’s your roll call?


  1. I adore cats too. My heart is still broken over my favorite black longhair that I had as a kid. She disappeared and I never did find out what became of her. Right now no cats to speak of, only "kiddies" of another variety: Ansel is two, and Oliver is five.

  2. My roll call:
    Scooter - 17 year old seal-point siamese who stood up to a many a dog in his younger days - and sent those same dogs running with their tails between their legs. Now spends his afternoons curled up on the couch enjoying his retirement.

    Chance and Star - identical twin girls found as abandoned strays in my backyard when they were only a few days old. Now they are the rulers of the house.

    Diablo - his name says it all. (Mainecoon)

    Cassie, Orion, and Jackson: the results of what happened when I left Diablo unsupervised with Chance and Star before he made that dreaded trip to the vet that all male kitties fear ;)

    And last but not least - my husband and 18 month old son who, frankly, can be confused for animals sometimes!

  3. Roll Call:

    Lola - Very, very stubborn, and also pretty cranky. She adores my sister, but is stuck living with me at the moment. We leave each other alone for the most part, because she's only nice to me when she wants something. She is, however, moving in with my sister as soon as she finds someplace to live that will let her have cats. I like Lola, but she'd rather live with Kate.

    Theo - A giant orange Mainecoon who loves the outdoors, and every person he's ever met. Seriously, he loves EVERYBODY. But, hates being stuck inside the house. So people have to come out to him. He just showed up in my yard one day and refused to leave, and considering he's very friendly, I was more than happy to let him stay.

    Gracie - The newest member, and very, very friendly. She's another Mainecoon, but isn't very big yet. I seem to like Mainecoons, although I didn't know that either Gracie or Theo was one at first. Gracie likes to sleep during the evening, and try to keep me awake all night. Gracie and Lola don't get along really well, but have come to avoid each other lately. Gracie and Theo, on the other hand, were fast friends.

  4. Myshka- aka "Tiny Head", because she has a tiny head. She's a 5 pound Chartreux with a major attitude. Don't let her sweet orange eyes, long lashes, shiny gray fur and heart-shaped nose fool you. She's a monster. If you are not her "momma" (who she loves dearly and will protect with all her heart), she will cut you. She loves to sing, her favorites are the Carpenters, Shakira and Tori Amos. She also carries around her "baby", a fuzzy toy mouse, everywhere she goes. She hates her sister, Maya.

    Maya- aka "Tub Tub", because she likes foods. Maya is a 16 pound Snowshoe Siamese that "found" me. Someone dumped her when she was a few months old in the middle of winter. I saved her from being attacked by another cat one night and brought her inside to sleep on the heat vent. She was very happy. Maya is the sweetest cat in the world and her hobbies include "grooming" her humans and eating everything. She tries to get closer to her sister, but is turned away often. Sometimes when mamma isn't looking, they sleep next to each other. I promise not to tell ;)

    I love them so much <3

  5. I love that your cats have worthy names like Cinder. It drives me crazy to see cats with ordinary human names like Sophie or Frank. I would expect nothing less from a writer of your imagination.

  6. LOL, Meredith, my cats have had ALL kinds of names. Literally HUNDREDS. I have known many, many wonderful furries! At this point, the challenge is finding new names. Period. That they won't be offended by, of course.


  7. I have my darling little scaredy cat named Angel. She loves to greet me when I walk up to the house by meowing and rubbing against the window and then races to the top of the stairs so she can be eye level with me when I walk in the door. She loves to turn her little nose up at the food I give her and then later goes back to eat it all. She loves to just be around me whenever I'm home. She's my baby.