Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An Ethical Dilemma: Salvation Teaser Tour Stop 6

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Chapter 1: Collision--Scene 4 pt. 2

She wasn’t alone either.

“Hey, gorgeous,” Tosa greeted the long-legged blonde at Char’s side. He grinned as if he was joking, but no one was fooled.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Linette flipped her golden hair over one shoulder, propped herself on the outside of the bench, and leaned her hip against Tosa’s waist. Whether or not she was joking was harder to tell.

Char, whose tight shirt and tighter jeans battled with the dress code, stood waiting next to Salva, despite the fact that there was no space beside him on the bench.

He hated that—how she’d just stand there waiting for him to read her mind whenever she wanted something.

Pepe moved over, and Salva reminded himself to give his best friend a lecture on loyalty. Char slid in between them.

“Listen, guys.” Linette set her chin on Tosa’s shoulder. “My parents are water-skiing this weekend. You wanna come over while they’re gone for a little back-to-school action?” She popped her tropical-orange lips. “Saturday ’bout two?”

“I’m working,” Salva said. Scut every weekend at the onion-processing plant. His father’s idea.

“Ah, man!” Pepe frowned. “You’re not serious.”

Salva shrugged. Sorting onions wasn’t his view of a career path, but whatever. His older brother and sister had done their part to pay his way, so Salva owed it to his two younger sisters to do the same. Plus, he could work around his football schedule.

“Can’t you talk your way out of it?” Linette asked.

Char’s fingers brushed his arm.

“No,” he replied.

The fingers retreated, slightly.

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