Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Guys: Salvation Teaser Tour Stop 5

To read the Prologue, go to Pure Imagination. 
To read Chapter 1--Scene 1, go to Always YA at Heart.
To read Chapter 1--Scene 2, go to Books that Bite.
To read Chapter 1--Scene 3, go to Live to Read. (This link has been corrected since yesterday's post)

Chapter 1: Collision--Scene 4 pt. 1

Somehow Salva made it through the rest of that torture session. He cruised through finance and survived the first-day lecture for AP calc. Mostly due to the promise of lunch.

He conquered the food line by piling his tray with as much protein as he could and snatching an extra milk, then touched down on the prime spot in the cafeteria, Table Numero Uno, bequeathed to him by last year’s seniors and now solely the possession of Salva and his friends.

“What the H, man? I thought you were takin’ PE. You know I had to run relay with Tosa here?” Pepe elbowed Ricardo Tosa, whom Salva liked almost as much as his best friend. Tosa was huge. Maybe six-three. Despite his extra height, he mostly just warmed the bench, but his goofy, lighthearted personality was the heart of the football team. Everybody loved him. Even Pepe, who was all about the win.

“D’you lose?” Salva asked, sitting down on the bench beside his best friend.

To read the rest, join Salva, Beth, and I at The Bookish Babe for the fifth stop of our Salvation Teaser Tour.

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