Saturday, February 2, 2013

Collision: Salvation Teaser Tour Stop 2

To read the prologue, go to Pure Imagination.

Chapter 1: Collision--Scene 1

“Salvador Resendez.” The sharp tone came from inside the Pen—aka the school’s ominous square front office with its bulletproof windows, legal-form wallpaper, and particleboard cubicles for dividing kids in trouble. Principal Markham appeared. His flabby arms crossed over his paunch as he leaned up against the wraparound counter that separated the office staff from the reality of Liberty High School. “It’s about time. The welcome ceremony starts in five minutes.”

Salva shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, the girls are taking care of that. I’m doing activity sign-ups on Friday.” He figured he ought to be able to relax and enjoy the first day of the school year.

Markham’s uneven mustache dipped down at the corners. “You are the student body president.”

It’s not my fault Julie Tri-Ang transferred to some fancy prep school. VP would have looked plenty good on a college application. Salva started toward the gym, braving the last-minute traffic of sprinting achievers and dawdling slackers, but Markham called after him. “I need you back here before you go to class."


“Later, Resendez. Now, move.”

The assembly lasted twenty minutes. Nalani Villetti, who’d been elected secretary and was now vice president, at least did her job introducing the teachers and staff members, but Kaitlyn, who had left her speech at home, panicked in front of the crowd. Salva ended up having to vamp and do the whole “Welcome back, everybody. We’re going to have an awesome year” bit. Not that giving the speech was a big deal. It just wasn’t the low-key start he’d intended for his senior year.

Neither was visiting the principal’s office.

“Come in, Salvador,” Markham said, dropping his thick body into the padded chair behind his desk.

To read the rest, come join Salva, Beth, and I at Always YAat Heart for the second stop of our Salvation Teaser Tour.

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