Monday, February 4, 2013

The Mercenary: Salvation Tour Stop 4

To read the Prologue, go to Pure Imagination.
To read Chapter 1--Scene 1, go to Always YA at Heart.
To read Chapter 2--Scene 2, go to Books that Bite.

Chapter 1: Collision--Scene 3

Salva scanned the stark classroom. The seniors sat so frozen in their seats you’d have thought the air-conditioning was working. Every chair at the back of the room was already filled. With nerds.

Luka was in the front row. Salva liked Luka. If it weren’t for his phenomenal speed as a running back, nobody at Liberty High would be headed for the state football championship. But sometimes the white guy was just strange.

What sane person would sit in the front row before the Mercenary? Her scowling expression curled Salva’s stomach. The pointed toe of her shoe tapped out a funeral dirge, and she wielded a bright red marker as if she might stab him with it.

Salva cut his losses and sat down behind Luka.

The walking disaster area came in next. But she didn’t know when to hide. Instead, she stood there, stuttering her apologies, trying to untangle the strap of her backpack from her frizzy brown hair, and dropping things, first her pencil, then an eraser, while the entire class waited for her to just sit down.

To read the rest, join Salva, Beth, and I at Live to Read for the fourth stop of our Salvation Teaser Tour.
Note: I have updated the link since this morning. It will now take you directly to the scene.

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