Friday, January 18, 2013

A Seriously Flawed Character Interview

            “So . . . we’re off to Fiction Folio today for the next stop on our Salvation blog tour!” I announce, stepping into the living room.
            Salva, who’s already waiting by the outside door, tightens his watch. “That wasn’t on the schedule.”
            “I know.” I reach into my pockets for the car keys. “But we had to push back Wondrous Reads because the mail between here and the U.K. simply wasn’t up to par over Christmas Break  so the arc was late and—”
            “I think Fiction Folio is a fantastic site!” Beth sings as she enters the room. She has on a long, flowy purple skirt that clearly belongs to a former crown princess from two of my previous novels, Aurelia and Exile. “Aurelia says Tara said wonderful things about her books.”
            “Right.” Salva eyes the skirt warily, then looks back at me. “But you should have told us.”
            “Sorry,” I apologize. My hands come out of my empty pockets. No keys. “I was just so excited when the book hit stores last week that I was telling everyone and posting on Facebook and newsletters and—”

Come read the rest by joining Salva, Beth, and I at Fiction Folio.

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