Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chemistry--What's the Formula?

“Salva! Beth!” I call into the warm breeze. It’s cottonwood weather in my head. (A major plus of being an author is occasionally having the power to control the weather).

There’s a sudden rustling by the cottonwood trees, and both the main characters in my new novel, Salvation, look up from a space by the creek bank. There is no space between them.

“I need your help,” I say.

Beth starts to scramble up. She’s wearing jeans, which are no problem, but she also has on a white blouse she must have picked up at Goodwill yesterday in preparation for Valentine’s Day. (Neither Salva nor I dared tell her the holiday is still a month away). The blouse has these long ties that are dangling loose and catch under her knees as she rolls over them, then tries to stand.

Espérate.” Salva fishhooks her and pulls her back down. “For what?” he asks me.

To read the rest, join Salva, Beth, and I for our eighth tour stop by clicking on the link to our guest post at Cari's Book Blog.

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