Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Salvation Blog Tour: Review & Interview

Salva, Beth, and I are off to visit Candace today at her personal blog, where she posted her fabulous review as well as a new interview:

Salva and his family, as well as so many other characters in the book are of Mexican heritage.  I think it's important to write about minorities and you handled it all so well.  We really got to see another side of things that those that aren't immigrants, or even just a minority, don't see all the time.  What made you decide to make this an important part of the book?  I guess, what inspired you to write about this subject?

This is Salva’s story. His world. The issues in the book are there because these are the issues that are important to him.

I agree that it is important to have diverse voices within YA fiction. And there should be many, many more. I wrote Salva’s story because I was the only one who could write this story.

To read the rest, click the link to Candace's Book Blog.

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