Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kindred Spirits: The Authoress

Salvation Blog Tour--Tour Stop 6

Salva, Beth and I are visiting Amelia today at The Authoress! We consider her a kindred spirit. (She suffers from SCS--Stubborn Character Syndrome--just like yours truly). And she loved Salvation. Check out her review here.

Of course, my characters and I also completed a new interview.

Out of your four published novels, which was the most fun to write, which was the easiest to write, and which was the hardest to write?

Yikes! Let’s salvage my characters’ emotions here and stick with some standout scenes in Salvation. (I don’t encourage competition between the characters in my different books. We are all a team).

In Salvation:
Fun—Beth dripping paint all over fundraising posters. Salva’s older sister grilling him on his love life. And, of course, the Romeo and Juliet death scene.
Easy—Actually, most of Salvation flowed very smoothly. Right up until . . .
Hardest—Salva refused to go home. All he had to do was leave the school & walk home, but no. It took Beth and I forever to get him to go. Of course, when you take into account what happened after he went home, you can understand why he was so opposed.

To read the rest of the interview, follow the link to The Authoress.

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