Thursday, January 31, 2013

Losing at Poker

Guest Post Topic from Carol: Why do you write for the young adult audience and how do you choose your subject matter?

I look at Salva.

He ignores me, pretending to focus on his hand of poker cards. I’m getting the distinct impression he thinks someone else should answer this question, but Aurelia, the heroine of my earlier books Aurelia and Exile, is busy dealing. And Robert as well as Aerin and Dane, from Academy 7, wisely declined to join the game. Besides, this is Salva’s blog tour, and he should really take the lead in answering the guest posts.

“Why do I write YA?” I say to him.

He switches around the cards in his hand, then stretches out on the carpet, rolls over on his back, and pretends to be concentrating. “Not sure. You love teenagers?” he pretends to answer.

“That is such BS and you know it,” I say.

He rolls back over on his stomach, trades in a card, and feigns nonchalance. “You find us more of a challenge than adults?” he asks.

To read the rest, join Salva, Beth, Aurelia and I for our guest post at The Paperback Princesses.

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