Monday, January 7, 2013

Tour Stop 7: SWAG Giveaway & Interview

Teaser Question:

Was it harder to write about Salva and Beth than it was writing about your earlier characters in your previous three novels, Academy 7, Aurelia, and Exile?  

This is the first book I have written in which the guy’s story defines the action. It required a great deal of tossing and catching of objects: footballs, oranges, keys. Ultimately, though, the challenge remained the same. Digging as deeply into the character’s head—and heart—as possible, and allowing the reader to see the world from that character’s perspective. 

Both Salva and Beth had a lot to say—a lot they needed to say. We really didn’t hit any major obstacles until Salva refused to go home.

At which point the second draft slammed to a halt. Fortunately, Beth was on my side, or I’m not sure we would ever have reached the end.

To read the rest of the interview and to sign up for free postcards & SALVATION bookmarks, join Salva, Beth, and I for our interview & swag giveaway at Michelle and Leslie's Book Picks.

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