Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tears: Salvation Review

"By the end of the book I had tears running down my face and I definitely needed some tissues with this one."--Katie at Katie's Book Blog on SALVATION

I think Salva, Beth, and I are now all in tears ourselves. We consider tears the epitome of the power of the written word. Check out the rest of Katie's review along with an interview at Katie's Book Blog.

Taster Question:
The characters in Salvation all have very different personalities.  Is there one character most like you?
Um . . . no, of course not. I never lose things like Beth. (I say as I glance around the room wondering what on earth happened to my address labels). Or type up my notes like Salva. (I add, while, yes, typing up the third draft of this interview). Or—cough—set ridiculously unreachable goals like both Salva and Beth. (Such as writing four young adult novels for Penguin Books).

In truth, I think all authors relate to their main characters. But ultimately Salva and Beth are very much themselves. They have no problem arguing with me when necessary.

To read the rest, follow the link above.

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