Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Salvation: Character Profiles, Interview, and Giveaway!

Character Profiles
Name: Salva (Salvador) Resendez
Grade in School: Senior
Favorite subject: Salva doesn’t really figure this out until late in the novel.
Hobbies: Football. Student government. Reading nonfiction. Science Odyssey Team. I’m not sure you can call any of these hobbies. Salva is seriously overbooked.
Friends: Pepe & Tosa are his closest friends. Though Salva has kind of a magnetic personality, and he’s pretty good at respecting anyone’s strengths.
To be continued . . .

Name: Beth Courant
Grade in School: Senior
Favorite subject: English
Hobbies: Reading. She loves writing, but she doesn’t consider that a hobby.
Friends: Ni (Nalani) Villetti 
To be continued . . .

To read the rest of Salva & Beth's character profiles and to sign up for the last scheduled giveaway of the SALVATION blog tour, join Salva, Beth, and I at A Life Bound by Books.

Then come join us for today's interview at Stalking the Bookshelves.

Taster question:

I love that Salva is "nice guy" instead of the YA staple "bad boy". Was he always envisioned that way or did the character change as you were writing him?
Salva has always been ethical, intelligent, motivated, and worried about living up to his family’s expectations. His parents and older siblings have sacrificed so much for him to have an opportunity at a great future. He wants desperately to live up to those sacrifices. Without this history, he would not be who he is. I have known so many teens—especially in immigrant and single-parent families—who take on extraordinary responsibilities. Salva is flawed and conflicted; he has yet to determine his own path. But he is, at heart, an incredible human being.

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