Sunday, January 20, 2013

SALVATION Blog Tour Schedule-Update

SALVATION Blog Tour Schedule—updated 1-20-13
Salva, Beth, and I have added several tour stops to our original tour schedule. In addition to adding Fiction Folio last Friday, we also moved Wondrous Reads to Jan. 27th and added stops at Read For Your Future, Confessions of a Vi3t Babe, The Reading Date, and Adventures in YA Publishing. Our updated schedule is below!

What: SALVATION Blog Tour
Who: Anyone interested in joining my main characters—Salva and Beth—and I for a month of celebrating our new book, Salvation, with giveaways, crazy guest posts, quirky interviews, honest reviews, and sneak peaks!
When: Dec. 24th-Feb. 8th. See the schedule below.
Where: Various websites all across the literary universe. See the schedule below.
Why: To have fun, get to know Salva and Beth, and win free stuff!
Contact: Follow the links on the schedule below.

December 24th—A Reader of Fictions:
Dec. 28th—Reads and Thoughts:
Dec. 31—The Story Siren:
Jan. 1—The Irish Banana Review:
Jan. 2—YA Bibliophile:
Jan. 3—The Authoress:
Jan. 4—YA Bliss:
Jan. 7—Michelle and Leslie’s Book Picks:
Jan. 8—Cari’s Book Blog:
Jan. 9—The Compulsive Reader:
Northwest News & Notes:
Jan. 11—Tabitha’s Book Blog:
Jan. 14—Yearning To Read:
Jan. 15—Candace’s Book Blog:
Jan. 17—Katie’s Book Blog:
Jan. 18—Fiction Folio:
Jan. 21—Falling For YA:
 Adventures in YA Publishing:
Jan. 22—Good Choice Reading:
Jan. 23—A Good Addiction:
Jan. 24—Tina’s Book Reviews:
Jan. 25—Reading Angel:
Jan. 26—Book Whale Reviews:
Jan. 27—Wondrous Reads:
Jan. 28—A Life Bound By Books:
Jan. 29—Stalking the Bookshelves:
Jan. 30—Read For Your Future:
Jan. 31—The Paperback Princesses:
Feb. 1—One Week SALVATION Sneak Peak Tour!
Pure Imagination: Sneak Peak 1
Feb. 2—Always YA at Heart: Sneak Peak 2:
Feb. 3—Books with Bite: Sneak Peak 3:

Feb. 4—Live to Read: Sneak Peak 4:
Feb. 5—The Bookish Babe: Sneak Peak 5:
Feb. 6—Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
Feb. 7—The Reading Date

Feb. 8—I am a Reader Not a Writer: Sneak Peak 8:

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