Saturday, January 26, 2013

Expect the Unexpected

“Salvation is a moving and entertaining book with an unexpected finale that will trap you from the beginning and consolidates Anne Osterlund as one of the most brilliant authors of the YA genre.”—Naty Gomez from Literatura Romantica Juvenil
(translated by yours truly)

So sweet! Naty Gomez, from Colombia, won my SALVATION Goodreads Giveaway. (The odds for winning, btw, were 1 in 3,000. She posted an absolutely wonderful review in Spanish this week, and Salva, Beth, and I are so thrilled that our final ARC went to a recipient who drew so much meaning from their story. Check out her review and the rest of her blog at LiteraturaRomantica Juvenil. (There is an English translation tool, though at times it is quite hilarious. All the “he’s” that refer to Beth should be “she’s.”)

This is definitely a week for expecting the unexpected. In the non-virtual world, Salva, Beth, and I are knee deep in the middle of meeting all kinds of amazing librarians/teachers/students and fellow authors at the ALA Mid-winter Meeting this weekend. Today we met Barbara Caridad Ferrer, the author of When the Stars Go Blue (I am dying to read this book!) and Heather Davis, the author of Never Cry Werewolf. Heather is clearly a kindred spirit.

In addition to that, Salva and Beth received more surprise reviews! Jeracalea from My Nose in Books wrote a wonderful review. I love her summary from the point of view of both characters. And her conclusion. “I think that all teens should read this!”

Definitely a quote that calls for happy dancing.

And Montana from The Book Belles posted an adorable review. (She gives out flowers instead of stars:)

Plus, we had two scheduled interviews. One with ReadingAngel yesterday.

Taster Question:
Were you more like Salva (star-athlete, outgoing, ect) or Beth (the shy quiet type) when you were in high school?
LOL. I don’t think I was half as interesting as Salva or Beth. To misquote Anne of Green Gables, “If you’d only let me tell you what I imagined about myself, it would be so much more interesting!”

I will confess to being a perfectionist. Salva, Beth, and I all have that in common. Sometimes I think the things that make Salva and Beth the same—their intelligence, drive, grief, and fear—those are the elements that I find the most fascinating.

Last—but not least: Salva, Beth, and I flew in our internet plane to meet Dannielle from Book Whale Reviews. Dannielle is an amazing blog host! She was one of the first to contact us (last summer, I think!) and the first to send questions. I hope you all enjoy both our interview and her site.

Taster Question:
Give us three "interesting" facts about you (Be Creative).
Salva and Beth—the main characters from Salvation—and I will give you each one.
-Salva once snuck a snake into church.
-Beth likes bubblegum ice cream.
-I belong to a fluffy orange kitty named Simba.

(who knew this weekend would be crazy, but not this crazy)

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