Monday, January 21, 2013

Falling for YA: Salvation Review, Interview, and Giveaway

"My favorite thing about the novel was that the ending came out of nowhere. It was not at all what I was expecting and just as I was getting to know the characters and what to expect Osterlund changed the game and made me reevaluate everything. It is writing like this that takes me completely by surprise that I fall in love with and I think that is why I loved Salvation so much, it took me by surprise."--Emily from Falling for YA

Wow! Salva, Beth, and I are on Tour Stop #19 today. I can't believe we're only half done! Check out Emily's great review & giveaway. Plus, of course, another interview.

Taster Question:
Salva's struggles to stay true to himself while also pleasing his immigrant father were so vivid. Did you have to deal with something similar growing up? Or have you had students who were dealing with these high parental expectations?
I think the struggle to find one’s own path is a universal part of the senior year experience. Along with that rush of knowing the year is going to end, friends are going to move on, and that no matter what choice you make, life is going to change dramatically. Salva has plenty of his own problems without me pawning mine off on him. His sense of responsibility is heightened, both by his role as an older sibling in an immigrant family and as one in which a parent has died.

To read the rest, click on the link to join Salva, Beth, and I at Falling for YA.

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