Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Volatile Top Ten

By Anne Osterlund (with help from Beth and none from Salva)

The living room has been invaded by guys. Salva; his older brother, Miguel; and Salva’s friend, Tosa, are spread out on the furniture with their eyes glued to the television and—shudder—a football game. The scent of popcorn permeates the room. 

I open the door to the outside world. “Off to Wondrous Reads!” I declare. 

Beth instantly pops her head out from the library room. “Will we be reading?” 

“No, we’re talking about our top ten contemporary YA novels,” I explain. 

“I don’t read novels,” Salva says, failing to get up from the couch. He has about ten books lying around the house and they’re all nonfiction reads like The History of the World’s Most Polluted Places. 

“You can fake it,” I say.

To read the rest, come join Salva, Beth, and I for our guest post today by clicking on the link to Wondrous Reads

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