Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flirting with Shakespeare

By Anne Osterlund (with a little help from Salva and a lot from Beth)

Guest Post Topic from Heidi: Shakespeare has a bit of a role in Salvation. He even touches the dedication. Was his influence always a part of the story or did it appear later?

Salva rolls his eyes at me as I read the topic of this guest post aloud. Because, of course, from the beginning, Shakespeare was always a part of Salvation. And Salva thinks Beth and I have a tendency to exaggerate the significance of the greatest writer ever in the English language.

“That’s impossible,” Beth says. “One cannot overemphasize Shakespeare.”

“One can,” Salva replies. He begins picking up the piles of interview drafts Beth and I have left lying around the living room.
And he’s right. I have to admit that in one of my early imaginings of his story, I had Salva . . . 

To read the rest, follow the link to my guest post at YA Bibliophile.

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